Viv Charnley – Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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Hopefully you will find it interesting and informative and that it gives you an insight into my counselling services.

Everyone experiences difficult times and situations. Life can be challenging, unpredictable, problematic and sad. Issues that are not addressed are unlikely to simply disappear by themselves. Whilst friends and family are often very supportive and well meaning they can also be too close to the problem; sometimes the issues are such that some professional help is needed.

Talking to a trained and experienced counsellor can be the key to finding a way to move forward. Counselling offers a safe, objective, non judgmental and confidential environment where it becomes possible to discover causes and reasons behind problems. It can help you to find new ways of thinking and feeling which can lead to greater awareness and change. Counselling also starts the process of understanding ones self and personal responses. In addition, bespoke strategies can be put into place that enable clients to find effective ways to cope, gain perspective and confidence, and to achieve a level of peace, happiness and control.