What happens?

I encourage prospective clients to contact me either by phone or by email in the first instance. We then arrange an initial consultation. Seeking counselling can be daunting for some and it is important to feel that you are safe, in control and comfortable. This consultation gives us chance to get a sense of each other and to see if we feel we could work together. By the end of this session you should feel there is focus on the outcomes you want and a sense that I am able to help you achieve them.

Counselling sessions last 60 minutes. Usually these sessions are weekly but this is flexible. For example, I see some clients for a double session every two weeks. I work weekdays and some evenings by arrangement. I have a private, comfortable consulting room or I travel to see clients in their own homes. I aim to be as accommodating as possible and work to an arrangement that is mutually agreeable.

I encourage clients to be open and honest throughout the counselling process and I will always check that you are feeling understood and that what I am saying makes sense to you.

How long does it take?

There is no exact answer to this. Everybody is different and the length of therapy varies dependent on what outcomes you are looking for and you personally. I do not insist you make a commitment to a specific number of sessions because the process is dynamic and because frequently when embarking on counselling it is impossible to know the exact direction of therapy.

In my experience, some clients find just one session beneficial and enough to help them deal with a specific situation. I would say between six and twelve sessions is often enough to help clients develop an awareness of a their situation/issue and to establish and put into practice appropriate and helpful strategies. For some the process may be longer. This is not prescriptive. I am always guided by the client and discuss the process as we go on.