What clients say

I met with Viv at a time when I was having relationship problems with my parents. At this time I was very anxious and consumed with the whole situation feeling trapped with nowhere to turn. Viv, in her own special way listened to my problems and together over only a few meetings put a plan in place that gave me direction and the strength to overcome my fears. Her guidance has given me the confidence and strength to be more assertive and much stronger. This has helped me enormously and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
P.C. Chester

From the first time we met Viv she put us at ease whilst being very professional and supportive. Viv guided us throughout our time with her. She was intuitive and didn’t push us but gently encouraged us by giving us the awareness and tools we needed to think for ourselves. We were able to go at our own pace which was very important to me. The whole process has been extremely beneficial and we cannot thank Viv enough, we wouldn’t be where we are today without her support and we will always be grateful and glad we took a leap of faith to get some help and support.”
L.C. Whitchurch

Through her professionalism, patience and understanding Viv helped me come to terms with a very traumatic birthing experience. From a place of hyper-anxiety and post traumatic stress Viv taught me how to manage and control my emotions in such a way that I could begin to look at the birthing of my daughter Sophie positively. She empowered me to step back from the darkness and embrace being a new mum with a beautiful daughter. For this I am, and always will be, immeasurably grateful.
K.S. Northwich

“Viv was my rock. She helped me find my way through a maze of negative thoughts and sadness. She helped me realise there was a life beyond my loss. Thank you.”
S.J. North Wales

Viv came into our lives 6 years ago. We, as a family, had been to see counsellors before but Viv was completely different. She not only listened to us as, but helped us change our whole family dynamic and really heard each of us as individuals. She also understood the issues we needed to address and helped us resolve them. We became a much happier family unit. I then had some issues I needed to come to terms with on my own and I can truthfully say she was just as fantastic in our one to one sessions. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Viv’s guidance and support. Viv, thank you so so much for supporting me and my family. We will be forever thankful to you.
J.T. Birkenhead

“It took me a long time to seek help.
When I eventually found the courage to reach out I felt relieved.
I had been avoiding issues and haunting memories from my childhood for more than 30 years. I thought I had things under control, but I didn’t. My life was becoming chaotic. I couldn’t sleep or work properly and I became increasingly anxious.
My marriage started to suffer and I was very scared I would not only lose
my mind but everything else. Viv put me at ease immediately. She was
very kind and patient. She gave me space to talk and to cry and to explore
my feelings. In just three months my life was radically different.
I felt more confident, I was able to function and I had some peace. I could speak
to my husband. Viv not only made me feel safe but she was also challenged me in a way that in I really needed. It is three years on since my first counselling session with Viv. I have had one off sessions from time to time to help me through. I now have
a life. Viv showed me the light at the end of the tunnel.”
D.S. North Wales